Larry Brown Thinks Kentucky Would Make Playoffs In NBA

Kentucky v Arkansas

Many people are calling Kentucky the greatest college basketball team of all-time. It has led to some very interesting comparisons including one from former NBA coach and current SMU coach Larry Brown who said on Wednesday that he honestly believes “Kentucky would make the NBA playoffs in the East.” It is a very strong statement from a great coach. [lead image via

Brown obviously has been in the NBA game before so he knows what it takes for a playoff berth and believes that Kentucky could actually beat some of the real bad teams in the East like the Knicks and 76ers. It is hard to know whether or not they could actually do something like that but it is always fun to think about it.

The East this season has been terrible and there is going to be at least one team probably who finishes below the .500 mark that makes the playoffs. Kentucky could do just as well probably before going into the postseason. A seven-game series between Kentucky and the 76ers could actually come down to that seventh and final game with the talent of those two teams.

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