Charlie Terreni: USC Student, PIKE Fraternity Member Death

charlie terrini usc death

Charlie Terreni Jr. is confirmed to be the USC student and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member who was found dead at 10:30 Wednesday morning at his 2319 Lee Street residence. While Charlie’s name hasn’t been announced by the Columbia County Coroner’s office, a spokesman for the Terreni family has confirmed the name.

The cause of death is still unknown, pending a toxicology report but the coroner has said there were no “traumatic injuries.”

A photo of the Lee Street home is below.

Charlie, an 18-year old student originally from Columbia, South Carolina had been reportedly celebrating his big brother/little brother night with his PIKE brothers Tuesday night. This has not been confirmed. His fraternity was placed on “administrative suspension” by Nationals at around 4:30 PM on Tuesday.

Charlie is being described by his many friends as an amazing person–funny, lively, a real man’s man, and caring. His father, Charlie Terreni Sr., is a well known attorney in Columbia, SC.

News like this is never easy to swallow, so it’s important that everyone (brothers or otherwise) do their best to make sure we don’t have to write about tragedies like this again.

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