Ask a Babe: Ariana Chia Answers Your Life Questions

Look – life can be hard, and sometimes we need help. And who knows how to do life better than you? Hot girls.
Luckily aspiring Olympian and all-around bombshell Ariana Chia is here to help. The skilled equestrian contemplated your most pressing questions, probably while riding a horse… and a pair of riding pants… ok, we’ll stop.
Here’s what she had to say about girl best friends, friendly exes, and speedos.
Girls are intimidated by my best friend, who’s a girl. What do I do?
The best way I’ve seen this situation handled is to bring your girlfriend (or potential prospects) around your friend, and have a few group hangouts so she can see that you two really are friends. If she’s just a mystery girl that texts you often and you hangout with, well, no girl is going to like that. Make the situation comfortable and make sure you’re not crossing lines with your friend aka.. don’t call her gorgeous or be physically playful with her around prospective girlfriends and don’t bring up too many inside jokes you two have in front of other girls.
Is wearing a speedo too much, or just right?
Unless you’re on a nude beach in Europe, (or tanning alone on your roof) it’s too much. Refrain. Don’t force us to see it ALL.

My exes are starting to become friends. Should I be afraid?
Depends on why things ended. At the end of the day, they’re going to do what they’re going to do. If you’re honestly done with both relationships then just try to disassociate with them both…. and hopefully it’s not a John Tucker Must Die kind of situation.

Would you judge a guy by the beer he drinks?
Not at all. Guinness, Bud, Stella… who cares? You like what you like. A guy that knows his wines, on the other hand……
Should I paint my room black?
Unless you’re a decor genius who can somehow make it not look like a cave after doing so, no. Black walls do not say “come on in and get cozy.”
Would you date a dude who wanted to be a trash guy?
Ambition is the most appealing trait to me. So… unless you wanted to, say, start a trash company or a junk company that would develop into a nationwide success, then… probably not. If there’s no scope to what you want to do, it can be a turnoff. Plus you’re going to need about 329034903 showers every day before you go pick up your girl for a date. Holla at that Axe Bodywash.
I told this girl I would teach her how to play pool, but I have no idea how to play. What should I do?
Admit it! Take her out and learn together. Make fun of your failed shots and missed attempts, grab a few drinks and put some dents in a pool table together.
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