WATCH: Crazy Woman on Plane Reveals War on Venezuela, and More… [VIDEO]


Crazy Woman on Plane Venezuela Video

Breaking news! The United States has declared war on Venezuela, as revealed by this raving nutcase on a commercial flight. That’s where we get most of our news from nowadays. This lady isn’t shy about getting the word out, either. Her broadcast range seems to be as far as she can shout while other passengers are stuck listening to her rantings. It’s not pretty, but neither is breaking news.

Anyway, it seems that the official story is that this gal was on a flight to┬áNicaragua when she began to go off about this breaking news that only exists in her head. We’re not going to have too much sympathy for her, either. She also seems to believe that Hugo Chavez was a really good guy, which means that she’s as delusional as Sean Penn. Hear for yourself…

It gets better, though. She also decided to light up a cigarette while in the plane and waiting for the cops on the tarmac to arrest her for being disorderly during the flight. Maybe she was drunk, too, although we suspect an employee will blame sleeping pills or something. We know that we could be more sympathetic, but we could’ve been sitting next to her. Anyway, here’s her attempt at a last cigarette, and she couldn’t even be cool about that…

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