Friday the 13th 2015: Facts You Should Know

If you’re looking for Friday the 13th facts, today is actually your lucky day. We’ve got a great collection of little known truths about Jason Vorhees and the strange coincidences from the classic horror series.

Since it’s Friday the 13th, we’re just giving you fair warning to be extra careful today. One solution to avoiding disaster would be to cuddle up on your couch or in bed and watch some of the Friday the 13th series. If you do end up taking our advice, we suggest checking out our primer to some of the lesser-known facts concerning one of the best slasher films ever made. For example, did you know one of the actors who played Jason was also the body for Lord Zedd from Power Rangers? Yeah, suddenly the movie doesn’t seem so frightening after all. For more awesome/rare knowledge, check out the facts below.

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