Harrison Ford Plane Crash: Indiana Jones Lives ! [VIDEO]

Harrison Ford Plane Crash Video

Harrison Ford wrecked a vintage WWII airplane yesterday, and you might have gone to bed wondering if you’d wake up to a world that still had Indiana Jones around. Well, there’s good news. Harrison Ford has once again proven that any landing you can walk away from is a good one–even if your movie-star visage is covered in blood. In fact, that only makes things look more bad-ass. [photo: Rich Polk/Getty]

The 72-year-old actor also sounded really cool and collected while talking to air traffic control right after his plane suffered engine failure. That meant his plane wasn’t going to be able to make it to a nice comfy landing strip at the nearby Santa Monica airport, so he had to try landing on the nearby Penmar golf course instead. Here’s audio of Harrison letting people know that he’s going to be making an unexpected stop…

Hellz, yeah. Of course, this made the news, and people were fearing the worse because Harrison Ford is old and he already got hurt while coming back as Han Solo on the Star Wars set last year, and a guy that old walking away from a plane crash might still not be walking around for long. Fortunately, Harrison Ford’s kid Ben (who, being raised by Harrison Ford, is a successful restauranteur and no showbiz scum) was soon putting the world at ease with this Twitter….

Harrison Ford Plane Wreck Twitter Ben

So that’s all good news–especially if you’re the guy who owns that golf course, because you know that Harrison Ford can cover the damages. Also, we can all make lots of fun jokes based on Harrison Ford’s iconic screen roles. Memes are hopping, but this clip says it all…

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