WATCH: 2 Chainz Smokes 24K Joint W/ Most Expensive Weed [VIDEO]

2 Chainz 24k Gold Joint

2 Chainz is smoking the most expensive joint in the world, complete with 24K papers and $100 grams, for the first episode of “The Most Expensivest Shit,” Season 2. Joining him for the ride is the Dr. Dina, the real life Nancy Botwin from Weeds. It looks like Nancy Grace wasn’t able to convince 2 Chainz to give up his addiction.

So what exactly makes this joint the most expensive joint in the world? Well let’s start with the papers.

Shine Papers are rolling papers made with 24K gold. What makes them so special is that instead of smoking the gold (which can’t be good for you), you’re smoking around the gold–leaving you with gold ash. Which is dope as f*ck. Retail, they’re $20 for two papers or $55 for 12.

canned marijuana, most expensive weed

Now onto the weed. As you see in the video and the photo above, Dr. Dina brought along two different strains (Isla O.G. and Top Shelf) of cured marijuana which comes in cans. Each can is 1 gram and sells for $100. The reason this gas is so expensive is that the cannibis is cut from the plant, dropped in the can, and then cured inside the can. These cans are only available at Alternative Herbal Health Services. We’re not really so sure what the hell makes that so awesome but we believe her because she’s a doctor.

And here’s a bonus video of a white dude taking a hit from the massive bowl which has an ounce of the loudest loud packed into it.

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