WATCH: SIU’s “Tour De Carbondale” 2k14 Party Recap [VIDEO]

tour de carbondale

Southern Illinois University keeps finding reason after reason to host massive house/bar crawls, and the latest is a look at SIU’s semi-annual “Tour De Carbondale.”

What is Tour De Carbondale? Well from the looks of things it’s a massive gathering of bikers, roller bladers and long boarders who all get blitzed in costumes and hit the road in the search of the next bar, house, or party. This time it looks like the stopped at a rugby match to slap the bag and cheer on their team before moving onto the next place where they can yell, scream, and dance in daylight without being looked at funny.

I would be legitimately scared if I was driving in Carbondale and had no idea what was going on. Alexien Lien 2.0.

H/T: Rashad (@XxRASHADxX) for the video

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