Michigan Fraternities Cause $500K To Treetops Ski Resort

Michigan Ski Trip

You may remember the story we published about the University of Michigan fraternities who separately destroyed two different ski resorts during the same weekend. It was easy to see that of the two resorts, Treetops Resort–which had been rented by Sigma Alpha Mu and Simga Delta Tau–got the worst damage.

Original estimates were that the bill would be around $50,000, “but a full assessment of the 45 rooms and connecting hallway – which was stripped of its ceiling – plus the loss of revenue, and damage to the brand’s reputation has seen that figure multiply by six.” [source]

Yep. Half a million dollars.

And according to the Daily Mail, both Sigma Alpha Mu and Sigma Delta Tau are refusing to pay the bill. This isn’t even close to being over.

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