Ace Miller Boxing Tournament 2015 Photos And Video

boxing weekend ace miller tournament

University of Tennessee‘s Boxing Weekend is one of the rowdiest weekends in college, hands down. At the heart of it stands the Ace Miller Memorial Boxing Tournament, an event where all UT-Knoxville fraternities compete in 11 weight classes over three nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) for bragging rights and actual title belts.

The event has become so popular that it’s outgrown it’s old home and moved to the Knoxville Expo Center. Take a look at the crowd at Friday night’s fights.

And while the Ace Miller Memorial Boxing Tournament is the main draw of Boxing Weekend, there’s plenty of other simultaneous “under card” events that take place–like “The Pub Brawl,” which has to be one of the greatest names for a Pub Crawl ever. That’s the reason why Boxing Weekend made our list of “10 Most Legendary College Parties of 2013-2014.”

This year’s Boxing Weekend got especially crazy because not only did Wale perform, a Volunteer got so drunk that he decided to catch an opossum. That photo then made it to the front page of Reddit. We’re sure that a lot of stuff that happened over the weekend didn’t get photographed or uploaded to Snapchat, but here’s the best pictures from Boxing Weekend we could find.

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