Spring Break 2015: Tips And Tricks, Sorted By Destination

Spring Break Tips and Tricks

Spring Break 2015 is so close you can almost smell the musk of sunscreen and half-finished beer.

Hopefully at this point in time you’ve already figured out your destination, where you’ll be staying, and what other schools coincide Spring Break dates with yours. Now all you’re left to do is ask other people for advice on which bars to visit and beaches to drink on.

We still suggest that you do that, but we’ve also pulled together some great insight (mostly from Reddit and Twitter) that lays out some good tips and tricks for some of the most popular Spring Break destinations. They won’t help you get $40 off your hotel room or anything, but they should give you a heads up of where you can get the most out of your $40.

**We’ll be updating this regularly, and we welcome any tips from you delinquents in the comment section.**

breckenridge spring break

Breckenridge, CO Spring Break Tips

• Don’t eat too many edibles. Seriously, listen to the guys when they tell you to take it easy.

• If you’re skiing or boarding, try reserving your equipment ahead of time.

• Wear a helmet.

• If you’re renting a car in Denver for the drive west, it might be worth taking a detour into Denver to visit a recreational marijuana store before you leave. It could be late by the time you finally reach your destination.

• 320 is a solid spot for live music. Cecilia’s has a stripper pole, but it’s not the most happening place.

• Night skiing at Keystone is a great experience if you’ve never tried it before and Breckenridge passes are good for there.

• If you don’t try Breckenridge Brewery while you’re there, you are an idiot.

daytona beach Spring Break Tips Tricks

Daytona Beach, FL Spring Break Tips

• Despite the fact that you’re in Florida during the spring, you still might want to bring a sweatshirt and jeans. It gets a little breezy.

• Seabreeze Avenue is where you’ll want to spend most of your nights.

• The Plaza is a solid spot to check out during the day.

destin flordia Spring Break Tips Tricks

Destin, FL Spring Break Tips

• Whale’s Tail bar is all SEC and Texas people. That’s pretty much a good thing.

• The police prey on underage kids, be careful.

• They also prey on pot smokers, so be especially careful if you’re blazing in public.

• Try to keep the party out of your house if you managed to actually rent them. It’s not unheard of for landlords to evict students after the first night.

• You should check out Greyton Beach after it starts getting darker outside.

fort myers Spring Break Tips Tricks

Ft. Myers, FL Spring Break Tips

• Lani Kai booty shaking contests are a must. Security is a little tight getting in, though.

• The Cottage is a solid start to any bar crawl.

gulf shores Spring Break Tips Tricks

Gulf Shore, AL Spring Break Tips

• If you’re not 21, don’t pretend to be.

• The beaches at Gulf Shores are really nice, meaning that they’re packed with families. Police like families more than you, so you’ll get in trouble if you mess with their time. Instead, head closer to Ft. Morgan.

• “The Hangout” is an overpriced tourist trap. Having said that, it’s busy.

• Find a boat and go the Pirate’s Cove during the day.

• Floro-Bama is where you want to be at night. If you’re there during Mullet Toss, even better.

key west Spring Break Tips Tricks

Key West, FL Spring Break Tips

• Booze cruises are where you want to be–apparently the Rum ‘n’ Reggae one is where it’s at.

• Consider renting a boat. But remember, drinking and boating is illegal.

• Consider renting a scooter and checking out the area.

• Key West is less strict when it comes to fake IDs.

• Smather’s Beach and Dante’s pool bar are solid day spots. Rick’s is a solid night spot…

lake havasu Spring Break Tips Tricks

Lake Havasu, AZ Spring Break Tips

Thanks to @N0tFamousYet for these

• Bring a GoPro

• Watch out for slip ‘n’ slides down the hallways of hotels.

• Stay away from high school kids. (Not just on Spring Break. Always.)

• Cliff diving drunk is best done feet first.

• Bring as many beads as you can.

• Drink as many free drinks as you can.

• Give as many beads to hot moms as you can.

• Figure out your boat situation yesterday.

las vegas nevada Spring Break Tips Tricks

Las Vegas, NV Spring Break Tips

• It’s Las Vegas. You’re on vacation. There is literally nothing you can do wrong. Just make sure you have enough money saved up to tip your cleaning lady on the way out.

• Don’t forget that there’s golf.

miami florida Spring Break Tips Tricks

Miami, FL Spring Break Tips

• If you’re going during Miami Music Week/WMC/Ultra, expect traffic to be sh*t.

• Bring a lot of money and make sure your credit card is paid off.

• There are a lot of bars and restaurants to check out, and Miami women are beautiful. Don’t feel like you need to stay on South Beach to find a good place to hang.

myrtle beach south carolina Spring Break Tips Tricks

Myrtle Beach, SC Spring Break Tips

• Bars close early, strip clubs stay open late.

• You’ll probably be hanging out at Broadway at the Beach late night. This is not a bad thing.

• Don’t go to Dick’s Last Resort. Leave that for the ladies.

• As tempting as it might seem, if you’re renting a house do not stop by South of the Border. Police will know who did what.

panama city Spring Break Tips Tricks

Panama City Beach, FL Spring Break Tips

• If you have a fraternity or school flag, bring it.

• Don’t risk anything with a fake ID, police are not f*cking around.

• Don’t get caught drinking in public (like, off the beach).

• The Walmart in PCB is your best friend.

• Mentally prepare yourself for what you’re about to walk into.

south padre island Spring Break Tips Tricks

South Padre Island, TX Spring Break Tips

• Get the wristband that gives you covers into the clubs for free.

• If you’re in a fraternity, make someone responsible for bringing the flagpole. If you’re not in a fraternity, bring your school flag. Not that you need it, but it’ll help you meet new people.

• There are free shuttles in SPI. Take them and only pay for cabs at night.

• Stay with your cooler or risk losing what’s in it.

• Daydrink, nap, pregame, club. Do not stray from this order.

• Find an afterparty for when the clubs close at 2 AM.

• Coke beach is where it’s at, but if you want to do something different go on the booze cruise. It’s BYOB.

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