WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift Dance on The Jumbotron [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon Taylor  Jumbotron Dance Video Tonight Show

Taylor Swift guested with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night, and we usually wonder how the Tonight Show finds time to actually tape an interview segment while putting together all the comedy sketches. The entire thing has turned into a variety show where people occasionally talk.

Anyway, the production standards were a little lower for the high concept of Jimmy and Taylor showing off footage of themselves dancing on the Jumbotron at New York sports games. We really wouldn’t mind just seeing the real footage, but we had to get Taylor and Jimmy doing a bit in some video that doesn’t merge with the same attention to detail shown for the Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince parodies.

It’s still nice to see Taylor Swift acting all cute, and we guess Fallon will keep owning the week in talk shows as part of the aftermath of the Saturday Night Live anniversary show. Jimmy Kimmel has his¬†Academy Awards show coming up next week, though…

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