Ask a Babe: Johana Gomez Answers Your Life Questions

Look – life can be hard, and sometimes we need help. And who knows how to do life better than you? Hot girls.
Luckily California beauty Johana Gomez is here to help. Donning a pair of biker shorts and a sports bra (in our dreams), she answers your toughest life questions. You’re welcome.
Here’s what the model had to say about falling for a fit girl, brews, and porn:
I have feelings for my best friend and she doesn’t know. How do I get out of the friend zone?
Spill it out. Be honest, don’t make it weird, and most importantly don’t be weird if she’s not into you, for the sake of the friendship.

I really like cats. Do girls think that’s weird?
Some girls might think liking cats is weird. However I’m a girl and I love kitties, so you shouldn’t care. Unless you’re a cat hoarder and they’re allergic…then it’s just dangerous.
How big of a deal is it if I leave the toilet seat up?
It’s a big deal. It’s annoying. That’s literally the only job you have when you go, so put the damn seat down! 🙂
My girlfriend caught me watching porn. What do I do?
Why are you watching porn when your gf is there? Didn’t you learn anything from Don Jon? It’s on Netflix – you’re welcome.
I’m afraid of the dark. Would you think I was weird if I slept with a nightlight? 
A grown man sleeping with a night light would definitely be a turn-off for me. You can always use candles…that changes everything.
Why are certain brands of water so expensive?
Because dumb people pay for them.
Would a chick think less of me if I chose a Cosmo over a beer?
I don’t think so. Alcohol can be like dessert, sometimes you just want something colorful and sweet. Plus Cosmos are way stronger than a beer 😉

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