22 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Week [February 9 — 13]

While guys spent this week leading up to Valentine’s Day desperately searching for gifts, the hot models of the daily COED Instagram Feed have been laying on the beach and proving themselves worthy of the gifts that we’re still shopping for this morning, damn it. Hot models seem to have an easy life. Just take a look at Joy Corrigan (above), who doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, even if she’s not in this week’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.
Hannah Ferguson sure is, though, and we have a pic of her not in a bikini–just to shake things up a bit. Miranda Kerr was also kind enough to post a sexy shot from her recent Love magazine shoot, and Ana Cheri gives us the Valentine’s Day gift of yoga pants.
We’re not lacking for more bikini babes, though. Tina Louise is surfing on the sand, and so is totally pro surfer girl Anastasia Ashley. You’ll also want to check out the perfect pairing of the pairs of Summer Daniels and Mercedes Terrell in…well, a sports bra, or whatever they’re wearing. See for yourself–along with lots of other hot shots that might distract you from that last-minute V-Day shopping, so be careful…

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