Latin Students Protest Texas FIJI In Response To “Border Patrol” Party

University of Texas Fiji Protest

Yesterday University of Texas students protested against the FIJI fraternity after they learned the organization hosted what people are calling a “Border Patrol” party. The protest was called the United Against Racism March and was organized by the Latino Community Affairs organization.

As you can see in the photo above, more than a hundred people showed up to condemn the fraternity and all fraternities they feel disrepect cultures in an attempt to host theme parties. It should be noted that FIJI is far from the first frat to get into a bit of trouble for this sort of thing.

A few years ago we might have viewed things a little differently, but it’s hard to argue against the voices of thousands who want these parties stopped. There’s little doubt that the FIJI brothers didn’t intend to be racist, but we can’t say that hosting a FIJI Fiesta in light of recent events was a smart idea either.

From a selfish standpoint, the last thing you want is for GDI’s to sit on your lawn protesting your organization.

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