Charles Barkley Gets Into Verbal Smackdown With Rockets GM Daryl Morey

Tuesday night saw an interesting battle between TNT analyst Charles Barkley and Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. The fight began on Twitter when Morey posted the following about being live at the Rockets’ game against the Phoenix Suns.
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Well, Barkley got wind of what Morey had to say and had plenty to say himself. After Houston won 127-118, Barkley called Morey “one of those idiots who believes in analytics” while the practice comes from “a bunch of guys who have never played the game and they never got the girls in high school.” Those are definitely strong words from Barkley about the situation.
The problem with Morey and the whole analytic game is that it doesn’t always produce results on the court. It is the players who may be having a good night or a bad night that effect whether or not a team wins or loses and not the statistics all the time. It is quite clear that Barkley isn’t going to be invited to any Rockets team functions anytime soon. It could easily turn into a game of one-on-one between Barkley and Morey.

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