WATCH: 'Breaking Bad' Esurance Super Bowl Commercial [VIDEO]

We thought Lindsay Lohan for Esurance was going to be a big deal, but all that hype was just cover for Esurance bringing Bryan Cranston back as Breaking Bad‘s Walter White for their high concept of…well, something about how “close enough” doesn’t count for insurance. We’re not really sure what it all means.
But enough people will be watching this video for Esurance to consider this to be money well spent. Also, we’re happy to see Bryant Cranston cashing in, since Birdman‘s success means that Michael Keaton is going to be grabbing a lot of high-profile film roles that would’ve gone to Cranston last year. Check out the ad that everyone’s talking about, and that you might have missed if you really watch the Super Bowl for the football and go to the bathroom during commercials…

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