Maitland Ward Shows Off Her Winning Side for the Super Bowl [PHOTOS]

Hey, everybody, it’s Maitland Ward, who you loved on Boy Meets World back in the ’90s, and then…well, that’s about it. She was still damn memorable as Rachel McGuire. Maitland Ward’s also done a fine job of maintaining her celebrity by reminding us that she’s still incredibly crushworthy. She hasn’t really had a big-screen turn since playing a white girl in the 2007 Wayans Brothers comedy White Girls, but she still looks like a star to us. [photo via…]
And if you don’t already know that, it’s not for Maitland’s lack of trying. She’s constantly showing off her amazing bod, including a brand-new (and very hot) Super Bowl shoot that has her embracing both the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots in a show of bipartisan self-promotion.
We’re not complaining. We’ve already celebrated how Maitland Ward has rocked the cosplay and sci-fi scene, and proudly saluted her hottest red carpet pics. We sure don’t mind Maitland using the Super Bowl for more exposure. There’s even more to cheer over at her Facebook page, but warm up first with these dirty dozen football pics. She’s playing both sides…

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