Super Bowl Rings: Photos Of Every Ring Throughout History

Super Bowl Rings are among the most valuable pieces of sports memorabilia in the world, and most of that has nothing to do with the precious gems and metals they’re made of. The rings usually include the team name, team logo, and Super Bowl number (usually indicated in Roman numerals).

These rings represent all the hard work these players put in both inside and outside the lines and you’ll be hard pressed to find players willing to part with them. Of course, sometimes these men go through hard times and are forced to sell them, so we actually know the price of the average Super Bowl ring.

Super Bowl Rings Value/Cost:

The NFL pays for the cost of 150 rings to the winning team, at roughly $5,000 apiece, depending upon the fluctuating cost of gold and diamonds.

Teams With The Most Super Bowl Rings:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers: 6
2. Dallas Cowboys: 5
3. San Francisco 49ers: 5
4. Green Bay Packers: 4
5. New York Giants: 4

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