Marshawn Lynch Gets New Marijuana Strain: Beastmode 2.0

BeastMode 2.0 Weed

Marshawn Lynch has been given a second marijuana strain–named “Beastmode 2.0”–after the Seattle Seahawks RB booked their return trip to the Super Bowl.

Some of you might remember that the “Beastmode” strain came out around this time last year. Growers were apparently so happy with last year’s strain that they wanted to bring back a stronger version of Beastmode in 2015. Beastmode 2.0 will now have 5% more THC than last year’s strain.

The strain will be sold at the Queen Anne Cannabis Club in Seattle a recreational marijuana dispensary that specializes in deliveries. Rumor has it that their couriers will smoke Beastmode 2.0 to ensure that they deliver the package no matter the resistance.

But why stop at BeastMode? Here are a few other strains we think should be made in celebration of the Seattle Seahawks:

• DangeRuss Kush

• Legion of Choom

• 12th Man Haze

  • 10678531520930918