College Students Get Selfie with “Rocky” Himself While Running Stairs In Philadelphia


Fans from all around the world make trips to Philadelphia all the time so they can pretend they are “Rocky” and run up the stairs at the city’s Museum of Art. On Saturday however, some fans that had just run to the top of those stairs got a major surprise when Rocky himself was standing there. Sylvester Stallone was in town for filming on Creed, who is the next movie in the whole Rocky series.

The three college students got a selfie with Stallone and now have a story that they can tell for a long time to come. It is just ironic that people were running up the stairs when Stallone came out of the museum. He probably didn’t expect that to happen. There are thousands of people who do the run every year and then take a picture with a Rocky statue but don’t get that photo.

This is something that likely isn’t going to happen again but with Stallone in Philadelphia right now, anything is possible. This may make even more fans show up in the city of Brotherly Love hoping to get their own photo with Rocky. Stallone didn’t have to take the time out for the photo but appreciated what the college kids were up to. Rocky and his legacy lives on nearly 40 years after the first movie was made.

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