3 Michigan Fraternities Destroy Ski Resorts, Causing $50K+ Of Damage

university of michigan ski trip

Three University of Michigan fraternities reportedly caused over $50K worth of damage at two separate ski resorts this past weekend. That’s a whole lotta dues and formal money down the toilet, especially because it seems like most of the havoc was caused by Sigma Alpha Mu.

Here’s the full news report:

The long and short of it is that Sigma Alpha Mu is the only fraternity that’s named in the report and they supposedly trashed the Treetops Resort in Gaylord, MI. All the damage you see in the video is from that night.

We found this photo below on Instagram that was taken at the time, and you can clearly see that some tiles are missing from the ceiling. (It’s not like you couldn’t tell the place was a disaster from the video, but we just wanted to let you know we did some investigating of our own.)

Michigan Party

But yeah, sh*t got A LOT worse as the night wore on.

 Treetops Hallway michigan party

Anonymous friends of the two other unnamed fraternities have since posted on the news channel’s website claming that their damage was more accidental than what you saw from SAM.

All we know is that if you’re a fraternity and you’re having a party somewhere, more than likely you’re not going to get your security deposit back.

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