COED And Monster Energy Kick Up Some Dirt At MSG Bull Riding Event

PBR NYC 2015

This past weekend, Madison Square Garden hosted the Professional Bull Riding (PBR) ‘Buck Off’ sponsored by Monster Energy and for the third consecutive year COED was there to bring you the action. The “Toughest Sport on Dirt” featured 35 of the World’s top bull riders competing against each other’s scores (as well as the bull’s score) for the top spot.

The objective of PBR is to ride for a total of 8 seconds – the clock stops when the rider’s hand comes out of the rope, the rider touches the ground or the rider’s free arm touches the bull – there is no score for rides lasting under 8 seconds.


Think you can hang on to a 2,000 lb bucking and jumping piece-of-meat with only one hand? We’d like to see you try*

While the sport of bull riding has been around for centuries, the organization of PBR is much newer – it was started in 1992 by a group of 20 bull riders who were looking for a way to gain more mainstream coverage. They were highly successful in this regard and PBR has been popularized by World Champions from Australia and Brazil.

Professional Bull Riding is one of the World’s fastest growing sports – check out COED’s photos below from the weekend’s Buck Off in NYC, which include KISS original drummer, Peter Criss and Barry Weiss one of the stars of the popular A&E show “Storage Wars.” Also in attendance was former Miss COED Ashley Michaelsen.

*We would not like to see – please stop emailing us videos.

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