DeflateGate: Did The Patriots Deflate Footballs Vs. The Colts?


The AFC Championship Game on Sunday evening turned into a laugher quickly as the New England Patriots pounded the Indianapolis Colts 45-7. However, there is another storyline building according to columnist Bob Kravitz on Twitter Sunday night. [lead image via DetroitSportsNation]


Kravitz added in another tweet that deflated footballs would result in lost draft picks. The NFL has guidelines on how much pressure a ball must have and the delay before the opening kickoff of the second half may have been about the pressure in the game balls that the Patriots were using. It is something that is going to get quite a bit of attention as the day Monday rolls on.

If the Patriots were deflating the balls that they were using to make them easier to catch in the rain, that is a major issue. It is likely that wouldn’t have had any difference on who won the game considering the final score but it is a major ethics issue considering the Patriots’ past with the “Spygate” scandal involved them and the New York Jets. Hopefully there is more clarity about this story as Monday continues on because it is something that must be handled appropriately.

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