Packers’ Brandon Bostick: “I Let My Team Down” After Botching Onside Kick

brandon bostick

Everything seemed to be going the way of the Green Bay Packers during Sunday’s NFC Championship Game on the road against the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers had a 16-0 halftime lead and were dominating but slowly Seattle got back into the game and made it 19-14 with two minutes left. This brings Packers backup tight end Brandon Bostick into the situation.

When the Seahawks went for an onside kick trying to get the ball back one more time looking for the lead, Bostick attempted to field the kick but had it bounce off his hands allowing Seattle to get the ball. The Seahawks would score to take the lead before Green Bay tied it to force overtime. After the Seahawks won the game in overtime to move to the Super Bowl, Bostick talked and said “I let my team down.”


Bostick’s job is to clear blockers and had Jordy Nelson behind him to catch the ball but decided to grab it himself. There are many people who are blaming Bostick for the loss. The team had plenty of chances to extend their lead and make the onside kick not mean anything at the end of the game. “There was a lot on this game. I just like if I was able to do my job. Jordy would’ve caught the ball and the game would’ve been over.” Bostick is right and will have to live with that forever even if he is now a scapegoat.

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