WATCH: Dave Grohl’s Birthday Week Finished With Epic Chile Singalong [VIDEO]

Foo Fighters Chile Audience Video

The Foo Fighters are running around Argentina and Brazil for the next few days, but they were in Chile on Thursday–where Dave Grohl’s big birthday week kept getting crazy. We’ve already looked at David Lee Roth at the Foo Fighters’ big birthday bash in L.A. this past weekend. Things got pretty epic in Chile, too.

Check out the video as Dave has to confront one weird situation. “Here’s the thing,” he says. “You guys f#¢king sing every song before I even f#¢king singing it!” And he’s correct–with the crowd deciding to keep serenading Dave and the guys.

The only possible response? A great rave-up improvising with the Chilean crowd. We usually hate audience participation, but this is another typically inspiring moment from the Foo Fighters. Check it out and see why we’re ready to pack up and start following the Foos around like they’re the Grateful Dead…

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