Liane V: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Liane V was born unto this world as Liane Valenzuela on January 14th, 1989, and that turned out to be a great thing for the internet. The busy pop star broke out big the new-fashioned way, with plenty of Vine videos and other social media to make Liane V a very big deal to lots of guys.  [photo via…]

Of course, the stylish Liane V has also picked up plenty of femme fans with her online presence. The gorgeous gym rat also began to fool around with fitness videos last year. We know that Liane keeps us pressing our keyboards with her Instagram account that promotes her pop music career–and also shares lots of sexy selfies.
We know that we’ll keep playing Liane’s videos long after we’ve gone deaf. It’s not easy narrowing down Liane V’s 22 hottest photos, either, but we’ve made a brave try. Check them out to get excited about Liane V yourself. And, yeah, one of those pics is just Liane hanging out and looking good with fellow Vine star Hannah Stocking, but that makes for the sexiest nightclub pic that we’ve seen in a while…


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