Ohio State Vs. Oregon Superfans Body Paint Battle [PHOTOS]

Both Ohio State University and the University of Oregon boast some pretty sexy superfans, some of whom have decided to bare it all for their teams with some amazing body paint.

Representing the Oregon Ducks we have model TJ Reese–a fitness guru and Oregon native. She was painted by the winner of the Game Show Network’s hit show Skin Wars.

In the Ohio State corner, we’ve got model Jordan Cahill.

The National Football Championship game kicks off at 8:30 PM EST, so make sure that you’re sitting comfortably before the game starts. If you’re a Ducks guy, check out our favorite Oregon Ducks cheerleaders Instagram photos here. Buckeye dude? Peep our post on the Ohio State University Cheerleaders hottest Instagram photos.

Ohio State Model: Jordan Cahill and Kitty
Photographer: DND Images  | MUAH / Bodypaint: On Call Artistry

Oregon Ducks Model: TJ Reese
Photographer: Brandon Forseth and Matthew Grimes

| MUAH/Bodypaint: Natalie Fletcher

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