Taylor Gildersleeve Earns Her 'Sugar Daddies' for the Lifetime Network [PHOTOS]

Taylor Gildersleeve has been one of America’s most versatile bikini models for a while now–to the point that she’s really only kind of a bikini model on the side. Actually, Taylor Gildersleeve has a few beautiful sides. That’s why she quickly busted out of the world of soap operas and moved up to the pinnacle of nighttime soap operas. Yes, we’re talking about a lead role in a Lifetime movie. Specifically, tonight’s Sugar Daddies, where Taylor plays the kind of girl who can get taken care of by rich men. [photos via…]
Taylor is also the kind of girl who’s about to break out big. We’ve been enjoying her on the small screen in shows like Gossip Girl and Person of Interest, but Taylor has been showing up in some cool indie films, too. And, of course, there’s nothing more prestigious than a Lifetime movie. So take a look at Taylor and see why she’s so believable as a gal who has rich guys keeping her kept. Also, consider how happy we are at COED that no one ever loves us for our money…

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