Former Dolphins Fullback Rob Konrad Swims Nine Miles To Shore After Falling Off Fishing Boat

rob konrad fullback, swim

Former Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad is simply amazing. The Coast Guard said on Thursday that Konrad survived a boating accident in the Atlantic Ocean by swimming nine miles to shore after falling off his boat while fishing. He was in the water for 10 to 12 hours. Konrad declined to talk to media members about it after he was released from the hospital. [lead image via Getty Sports / Ezra Shaw]

Simply put, Konrad should be very happy to be alive. It’s not exactly the safest place in the world to be swimming at in the Atlantic Ocean and the fact that no sharks or anything got after him in the process is unbelievable. Konrad contacted the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office at 4:40 in the morning on Thursday meaning that he had to swim completely overnight in the dark mostly to get to shore.

There may not be any more interesting stories this entire calendar year than this one with Konrad. He may have played in 82 games for the Dolphins from 1999-2004 but this could easily be his most outstanding athletic achievement to swim that far in the middle of winter to get himself safely back to shore.

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