UVA Reinstates Greek Life, Announces New Fraternity Party Rules

uva fraternity agreement

As you may know by now, UVA suspended all fraternity activities after Rolling Stone published an article detailing a rape that probably didn’t happen. Now that the Fall semester is officially over, UVA is ready to resume all things fraternity so long as the fraternities sign an agreement that details new rules regarding security. These rules were devised by UVA’s Greek leadership councils.

Here are the new rules:

• There must be 3 “sober and lucid” fraternity brothers at each party hosted by a fraternity. One of these brothers must have a key to each room in the house, and this brother must be standing near the stairs to bedrooms. Another sober and lucid brother must be standing where drinks are served.

• Pre-mixed drinks and beverages (jungle juice) are now prohibited. Every beverage must be poured or opened in front of the drinker by a sober brother.

• If there are a larger number of guests than fraternity brothers at the party, an IFC-approved third-party security must be hired to monitor the entrance. Similarly, this security guard must be presented with a printed guest list before the party begins.

• Bottled water must be available at one of the drink stations.

It might seem like a lot, but these rules are pretty standard. No jungle juice? That’s an issue but whatever. Sober brothers is also kind of a bummer, seeing as how that’s really what pledges are for.

The fraternities have until January 16th to sign the agreement.

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