Emily Ratajkowski Kicks Off 2015 By Stripping Down for H&M Lingerie [PHOTOS]


Emily Ratajkowski Hot Photos H&M Lingerie

Emily Ratajkowski has launched her first big campaign for the year, and we were kind of hoping for more work with Victoria’s Secret. That, or maybe some work for a nudist colony. Instead, it seems Emily has aligned herself with the H&M line. As it turns out, though, H&M sells lingerie. Did you know that? Well, you won’t forget after you check out Emily Ratajkowsi.

Actually, we should’ve learned to take H&M seriously when Miranda Kerr kicked off their 2014 Spring collection. We’re going to take this Emily Ratajkowski display very seriously. Our only complaint is that these shots give us that weird feeling that maybe we’re only looking at a few Emily Ratajkowski pics, and then somebody’s used Photoshop to dress her up in different outfits.

That’s a weird thought–but we’re going to keep staring at these pictures until we know for sure if that’s the case. It’s important. You can still enjoy these pics more casually, of course, but rest assured we’re on the job…

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