Okay, Now Hollywood’s Got Kim Jong-un Flying Planes Like a Boss [VIDEO]

Kim Jong-un Propaganda Video Flying A Plane

Yeah, we’ve had a lot of fun goofing on The Interview over the end of the year–from digging up the weird Interview party footage to going goofy over the Hot Korean Party Girls of The Interview. But all that’s really done is gotten Kim Jong-un all riled up, and he’s not going to sit around and be insulted. In fact, Kim Jong-un is busy showing the people of North Korea that he can fly a plane. There’s even video.

Now, we’re not saying that Kim Jong-un isn’t really flying the plane. We’re just saying that it doesn’t really look like Kim Jong-un is flying a plane. And if he could fly a plane, he’d be bombing Seth Rogen’s house right now. And maybe James Franco, but Kim Jong-un probably thinks Franco already had his house destroyed in This is The End.

Anyway, the most exciting thing about the video is the North Korean narrator. It’s a woman, naturally, and she’s sure excited about Kim Jong-un flying a plane. By the end of this video, you’d be thinking that the Exalted Peerless Leader was personally inducting this gal into the Mile-High Club while flying the dictator-friendly skies. Listen to it yourself, and get some perspective for the next time someone’s complaining about fascist American news media in class….

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