Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Are Our Kind of Wild Cards [22 PHOTOS]

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Hot Photos NFL

It’s our kind of NFL wild-card game today, since we’re getting a hot pairing of the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers. That’s partly a hot pairing because Carolina quarterback Cam Newton is taking a four-game winning streak into this postseason game. Arizona, however, has an advantage with the Cardinals cheerleaders. Yeah. We bet on things like that, and we’re thinking that the Cardinals are overdue for some good news with the talents they have on the sidelines. [photo: Christian Petersen/Getty]

Take a look for yourself at this amazing lineup from this past season–and see why we’re not surprised that the Cardinals had the kind of winning cheerleaders who got marriage proposals right during the games. We’ve been following the Cardinals’ cheer squad for a long time, too. Check out this gallery of some of this season’s hottest shots, and see why these gals are a sure bet to distract you during the game…

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