Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Girls: Thursday, January 1


Sexy Instagram Photos Galina Dubenenko January 1

There’s no better way to start off the New Year than seeing the daily COED Instagram feed in full bloom–with beauties like Galina Dubenenko showing off how beautiful they can look when it’s time to celebrate something like 2015. We also have plenty of other amazing pics that cover ladies showing off their fave pics of 2014 to cavorting in the warm climes of their prime party real estate.

That means two different ways to get bikini’d babes like Tasha OakleySara Sampaio, and Rachel Barnes on display. Gigi Paris is also eager for you to see where she spent New Years, and we also like how the pair of Kyra Santoro & Julia Friedman partied away the end of 2014. There are plenty more ladies giving us a New Year’s Day Rockin’ Afternoon, too. Check out the action and start getting excited for more of ’15…

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