Drunk New Years Eve Party Girls on Instagram [PHOTOS]

So, got any plans for tomorrow night? We sure have plans for the day after tomorrow–because we’ll be busy checking out the wildest photos from New Year’s Eve. Our first prediction for 2015 is that people will keep posting all kinds of crazy party pics from the night before. We’re also predicting that there will be lots of New Year’s Eve Party Girls blowing up Instagram and Twitter with really weird moments that need to be immortalized.

That’s our calling. We’ve already gathered up amazing pics of Drunken Girl/GirlĀ Kissing on New Year’s Eve, and we’ve had some amazing times checking out the Best of New Year’s Cleavage. Actually, that’s the same kind of thing that gets us out of the house on New Year’s Eve. We always think it’s time to stay in and get away from the amateurs–but we love the way these amateur girls get way too wild for the cameras. Get a sneak peek for yourself, and start changing your own plans for not going out…

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