Irina Shayk Shakes Up Boxing Day for Love Mag [PHOTOS]

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Irina Shayk is ready to keep your Christmas spirit going by unwrapping herself for Boxing Day as part of this year’s Advent Calendar of hot models from the UK’s Love magazine. We’ve never been happier to see a celebration of Boxing Day, either. That’s the British tradition where the rich English people would put their servants in boxing rings on the day after Christmas and watch them beat up each other. It was kind of like Fight Club.

Anyway, we have our favorite video stills from the very sexy video of Irina Shayk unboxing herself for Boxing Day. It’s a great comeback from when Love celebrated Christmas Day with Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevinge. Well, it was kind of cute to see Kendall and Cara cavorting around for Christmas. You should probably still watch the video, but your imagination will have to fill in a lot of blanks.

And you’ll also want to check out Alessandra Ambrosio and her sexy strip tease, plus Love‘s fine work this year with Lizzy Jagger and Emily Ratajkowski. But let’s start recovering from Christmas with these sexy still shots of Irina Shayk–and watch the video of Irina shaking up the way to New Year’s Eve…

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