Screech Got Arrested on Christmas Day — Check To See If He’s Still in Jail

Dustin Diamond Christmas Day Arrest

The last time we checked the Ozaukee County Inmate Locator, former Saved By the Bell star Dustin Diamond–beloved everywhere as “Screech”–was still waiting for someone to pay his $1,000 bail to get him out of the local jail. That’s after Screech Dustin was arrested very early this morning (okay, technically not Christmas) after reportedly brandishing a switchblade in a bar in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

We’re going to believe the local reporting that Dustin Diamond actually stabbed a guy, although the $1,000 bail seems kind of low for that–even if the injuries weren’t life-threatening after Dustin and his girlfriend got in an argument with another couple. Supposedly, Dustin didn’t like that the other couple in the bar was taking his picture. Fame is tough.

Anyway, this is very sad because it was only a few months ago that we saw Dustin in a small Manhattan theater (very off-Broadway) in “Saved By the Bell: The Musical,” where he had a showcase self-referential role as Dustin Diamond the School Janitor. That was shortly after Dustin was busy apologizing to his fellow castmates over the Lifetime movie made about the Saved By the Bell cast.

Yeah, we wrote a lot about Saved By the Bell this year. We’ll try to cut back in 2015. Meanwhile, here’s Screech doing standup a few years ago. It’s mostly about being Screech. See why we were glad that Dustin didn’t have a writing credit on that musical Saved By the Bell

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