"Entourage The Movie" Trailer Is Incoming Soon

Watch Entourage Movie Trailer Here

Update: The trailer releases on Tuesday, December 23rd (via Twitter) but we’ve already got some leaked photos. Looks like Hyde is going to be Vinny Chase’s next big movie.
Jerry Ferrara–better known as Turtle from Entourage–just Instagram’d the photo above with the caption “#ENTOURAGE TRAILER IS SO SO CLOSE! EVERYONE BE READY.”
We’re embarrassingly excited. Bottles of Avion on deck.

If you’re looking for some awesome Entourage: The Movie content to hold you over, why not check out the 100 best behind-the-scenes photos from the making of Entourage: The Movie? It’s got tons of pictures of chicks in bikinis, because Entourage.
The Entourage Movie releases on June 5th.

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