Woman Who Won the Week: Rita Pereira Tops Reddit With a Hot GIF [PHOTOS]

It won’t be long before we’re celebrating the Women Who’ve Won the Week who went on to pretty much win the year. As we start to wrap up 2014, though, we’d like to celebrate a few underseen beauties who’ve won in small ways. That includes the rockin’ international beauty Rita Pereira–who we were very happy to see sitting at the top of Reddit with a hot GIF of a guy who couldn’t resist the lure of her cleavage. [photo via…]
To be fair, this guy is kind of a boss. He’s fully aware of the camera, and yet still has to look. Furthermore, he has a great excuse. He’s able to check out Rita Pereira just as she’s purposely drawing attention to her arm that just happens to be positioned by that plunging neckline….


Yeah, there’s your own excuse to keep staring at that. We’ve never needed an excuse to start appreciating the Portuguese beauty–who’s always been on our radar, courtesy of her appearance in the very sexy Sans Elle… back in 2003. That helped launch the career that’s seen Rita becoming a popular actress, model, and television personality.
Rita also looked set to break out big with a role in the Canadian television series Living in Your Car back in 2011. Sadly, Rita has stayed a secret, but we’re very happy to see a new generation discovering the irresistible allure of this telenovela star for themselves. This gal is still young enough to rally up some Western exposure–and if she didn’t win the week yet, we’re hoping for the best after her rallying up Reddit…

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