Stephen Colbert Leaves 'The Colbert Report': Say Goodbye With Geeky GIFs

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Stephen Colbert says goodbye to The Colbert Report tonight–which means popular culture is either losing its favorite firebrand or most desperately-needed conservative straw man. But there’s no denying that Stephen Colbert could bring together people of all political beliefs when it comes to being a geek. In fact, Colbert could probably think of some kind of strawman/J.R.R. Tolkien gag that we can’t manage.
So as the real-life Colbert moves on to The Late Show next year, let’s take a moment to remember some great geeky moments from the Stephen Colbert whose persona fueled The Colbert Report. Actually, the geek obsessions are part of the same guy, so that’s appreciated. We’re probably going to see a lot of this guy still as he takes over for Letterman. That’s enough to keep us tuning in…


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