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USC’s Phi Kappa Sigma Turned Up For Their Annual “Masquerave” Party


USC Phi Kappa Sigma Masquerave

Update: It just struck me that this party was at their fraternity house. Not a nightclub, their house. That’s amazing.

Is USC the “Candice Swanepoel” of party schools? Like, I always forget about Candice just because she’s so hot and then I’ll see a photo of her and instantly I’m back in love with her. I think that’s the case with USC. They’re living the dream in sunny Los Angeles with tons of hot wannabe actresses and daddy’s money throwing absolute ragers in clubs, meanwhile I’m watching videos of Michigan students getting their day drink on.


Earlier this week it was Phi Kappa Psi’s “Frost” party and now we’ve got Phi Kappa Sig’s “MasqueRave.” We should know by now that USC knows what they’re doing. Nice job Phi Kappa Sigma, you should be damn proud.

Special S/O (in no particular order) to the DJs of the party–The Jane Doze–and that topless monkey at 1:17.

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