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Naomi Campbell Gets Kinky for 2015 in Agent Provocateur Lingerie [PHOTOS]



Naomi Campbell¬†went international with her work on the reality show known as The Face this year–but it looks like her body is also planning to stay busy through 2015. In fact, Naomi Campbell looks ready to give Jennifer Lopez a run for the money as the current really hot sex symbols who are a lot older than we care to remember.

Naomi seems to be looking into the future with this shoot for Agent Provocateur’s Spring 2015 line of lingerie, too. The fine lingerie line has given us great shoots with the likes of Hailey Clauson and other beauties. This one seems to be anticipating a little 50 Shades of Grey action. Naomi is dolled up in a hot domme outfit, and–well, we’re not sure what the shovel is all about. Is it sexy to get hit in the face with a shovel? We don’t know much about that kind of stuff.

Anyway, check out Naomi and get used to lusting after ageless sex symbols. At this rate, our children will be writing about Naomi someday. If we raise them right…

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