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Leaky Roof Delays Last Night’s Game Between Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets


Barclay's Center Rain Delay

There are plenty of ways for a professional game to be delayed. Usually that sort of thing happens during games played outdoors though. On Tuesday night, the Miami Heat-Brooklyn Nets game was delayed for 31 minutes when the roof at Barclays Center began to leak.

Then everyone got the official explanation from the people at Barclays Center, which seems to involve somebody getting a memo about Earth Day back in 2013…

Barclay's Center Twitter

There’s nothing wrong with installing a green roof ,but there has to be a way to avoid the roof leaking while it is being installed. Thankfully, the delay was only a half-hour and not any longer as players sat in their locker room watching other NBA games. It may have been a good idea to put the green roof on the building when it was built in the first place.

The court was mopped up and the trash cans catching the water were removed and the game resumed with the Heat winning 95-91 when all was said and done. Hopefully, this is something that will never happen again and the Nets can avoid another delay from a leaky roof. At this rate though with a 10-13 record, a leaky roof to stop a game may be welcomed.


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