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Celebrate Hanukkah With the Blue & White of the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders [PHOTOS]


Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders Hottest Photos Blue & White

We’re celebrating Hanukkah here at COED with lots of latkes and the finest Manischewitz wine–and it’s always nice to see the Empire State Building lit up in blue and white to celebrate our eight crazy nights. You know who else is in blue and white? The beautiful ladies of the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading squad. Our thoughts always go out to them at Hanukkah, too.  [photo: Gregory Shamus/Getty]

Actually, our thoughts go out to the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading squad a lot. Check out their contribution to the 2015 Pro Bowl Squad. We’re also big fans of Indianapolis. The city has a lot more fine restaurants than you’d imagine. The ladies of the Indianapolis Colts also remind us that the city is full of great American beauties. We bet they’d all look great in blue and white–which, incidentally, are the colors of Hanukkah (and the Israeli flag) because the Israelites were told to dye a thread on their tassels with blue ink from a sea snail as reminder of the commandments of the Lord.

We can’t remember if that’s shown in Exodus: Gods and Kings. We were mostly waiting for the next barrage of special effects. Which reminds us that the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading squad have a very special effect on us. Watch them rock the blue and white–and we’ve even included some pics of them in their Christmas outfits for a true multi-cultural experience…

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