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Charlie Sheen Brings Back His ‘Ferris Bueller’ Character for ABC’s ‘The Goldbergs’ [VIDEO]


Charlie Sheen Ferris Bueller Character on The Goldbergs

Charlie Sheen shows up to spoof his role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in an upcoming episode of The Goldbergs–which is about what it would take for us to watch the sitcom set in the ’80s. The show could sure use some kind of splashy trick. That’s probably why they came up with the idea of the episode (airing next year) where the kid in the show gets inspired to ditch school after watching¬†Matthew Broderick in the classic teen movie. [photos via ABC]

That kid is no Ferris Bueller. We guess that merry hijinks ensue, but the important thing is that someone had the good idea to ask Charlie Sheen to have some fun with a cameo. Charlie Sheen likes to have fun. That’s how we get to see him looking like this now….

Charlie Sheen The Goldbergs 2

As noted, the kid on The Goldbergs doesn’t have a day worthy of Ferris Bueller–but we guess his sister still gets in trouble. Now¬†here’s video of the original scene for some comparison. We’d say the shirt color is a little off, but those bleary eyes have stayed the same…

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