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‘Absolutely Anything’ Clip: Robin Williams’ Final Big-Screen Role is a Dog [VIDEO]


Robin Williams Last Role Absolutely Anything

Robin Williams‘ suicide in August¬†immediately had people pondering how¬†the comic legend and fine actor would be wrapping up his career. Fortunately, Robin Williams’ last screen role won’t be a disaster. It won’t be the crappy direct-to-Redbox Merry Friggin’ Christmas, and it won’t be his quick paycheck in the latest Night at the Museum.

Robin Williams will get to go out in relative style with Absolutely Anything. It’s a sci-fi fantasy directed by Monty Python alumni Terry Jones, and it stars Simon Pegg. That guy has plenty of hipster credibility. And nobody can complain that Robin Williams’ last movie is just him voicing a dog, because Williams did some pretty remarkable voice work in his time. So check out this clip and get sold on a movie that has a decent chance of being really good…

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