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Selena Gomez Gives You an Eyeful Backstage at the American Music Awards [PHOTOS]


selena-gomez-hot photos american music awards video

Selena Gomez just gave her fans a thrill by posting intimate backstage footage of herself as this year’s American Music Awards–and we’re big Selena Gomez fans. Now we’re doubly-thrilled over thisĀ American Music Awards. We’ve already looked back at how we looked closely atĀ Charli XCX at this year’s AMAs. That was when we were checking out the AMA red carpet and hot onstage antics. Now we have Selena showing us some real insider footage that takes us inside her dressing room, via her Youtube channel

This is the best possible Christmas present that Selena Gomez could give to her fans. At least, to her fans of a certain age. We’ve watched this way more than we’ve watched Selena Gomez onstage at the American Music Awards. It’s really kind of amazing that we got anything else done today.

We know that you’ve been busy, though. So maybe just watch that video once, and then feel free to check out our favorite video stills from Selena’s backstage experience. We honestly didn’t know that the 2014 American Music Awards were this historically important…

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