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Charli XCX Begins Her British Invasion on ‘SNL’ Tonight [PHOTOS]


charli-xcx-hottest photos

It’s a big night for Charli XCX, as she begins her bid to break out big in America with a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. Of course, it’s been a few years since a Saturday Night Live appearance guaranteed success. That wasn’t even a guarantee back in the last century–as you can see by checking otu the Forgotten Musical Guests of SNL. We’re still thinking that Charli XCX is going to make a splash, though. [photo via…]

After all, the UK pop singer has already caught our attention with hot turns on the red carpet (and the stage) of the American Music Awards and the MTV EMAs. We’re also pretty excited to say that Sucker–which comes out this Tuesday–is pretty great, too. It’s pure tween indulgence, but has a tough sound that’s keeping us from hiding it away as a guilty pleasure. We’re looking forward to Charli maturing in a hurry.

Well, maybe not too fast. Check out these pics, and you’ll see why Charli also has us happy to enjoy her as a pop pin-up. Take a look and get inspired to tune in Charli tonight…

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