Taylor Swift: Sexiest GIFs Of Pop Star You Need To See

Taylor Swift is turning 25 years old tomorrow–and we’re at the point where we just assume everyone knows the year of her birth. After all, 1989 has ended up being the year’s biggest album. We’re not really sure why some critics still insist on calling it her first pop album, though. It’s been kind of delusional to think of Taylor Swift as a country artist since 2009.
Anyway, Taylor Swift has had a really winning year. Even dedicated hipsters have to admit that she’s a catchy pop songwriter. We just have a hard time thinking of her as the official NYC ambassador. It’s not like she’s ever invited us to her Manhattan embassy.

We can, however, think of Taylor Swift as a real sex symbol. We’ve complained a few times about how people mock Taylor for the crime of being a woman who’s dating several guys and writing about the bad romantic aftermath. You know, like guys have been doing since the beginning of rock ‘n roll.
We take a proud stand against that kind of sexism, and we also stand for Taylor being sexy. Now take a stand yourself after checkingĀ out these 22 sexy Taylor Swift GIFs…

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